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Thank you for coming to my website. As many of you already know this was not my first priority; now I'm on my way to providing up to date and useful information.


Events lists where I've been and where you will find me exhibiting in the future. You would not believe how many of you asked for this!


This simple Photo Galley will give you an idea of what I've made and the new and excting things you see at my next event.


This is a simple expanation of how I got to this point. Needless to say, I've come a long wat from being a young man of 15 years of age in South Korea. My Korean friends here at my home in Pennsylvania say my native tongue must be Korean? Oh well....


Thank you for coming to my website.Please feel free to send me an E-Mail with your questions, comments and praise. You may also call me as time permits.

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Michael Cho-Cho Ceramics

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At the Wheel

Michael Cho-Cho Ceramics