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Banana Factory Classes

Banana Factory Update!

We have a reprieve! Our classs is being extended. You can feel the energy and excitement in the studio. I demonstrate technicque every week specific to what we are doing. What I enjoy most is the enthusiasm of the students and their progress. I've noticiced my students good hands and willingness to replace can't and won't with can and will. Good Times!


This Photo Gallery shows my preliminary use of Standard 200 clay. Unlike the Standard 101 and Standard 181 clay I normally use, this class will utilize this Buff Stoneware clay. It has a moderate grog content and is a nice clay body. At first I was apprehensive when using a clay that is new to me; now I find that I really like it.

Banana Factory Sessions

I'm excited about teaching the Wednesday morning class at The Banana Factory in Bethlehem PA. We started on September 11th. The phone number at the Banana Factory is 610.332.1300...

-see you at The Banana FactoryMichael Cho-Cho Ceramics


Michael Cho=Cho Ceramics

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Michael Cho-Cho Ceramics

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At the Wheel-Michael Cho

At the Wheel

Michael Cho-Cho Ceramics