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Michael Cho-Cho Ceramics

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I would love to hear from you! If you have questions or comments feel free to call or send an E-mail. I take great pleasure in my work and I would love to share that energy and experience with you.


My designs evoke a sense of vibrance while exuding their understated purpose; they are here to be enjoyed! My work relies on that enjoyment you experience when you interact with them and with me. I am currently teaching a class at The Banana Factory on Wednesday mornings. Feel free to stop bt.


I do requests for my customers. So if you need a particular Platter design, that special Vase or a Lamp, please let me know. See you soon at the next event near you.

-thank youMichael Cho-Cho Ceramics

Michael Cho=Cho Ceramics

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Michael Cho-Cho Ceramics

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At the Wheel-Michael Cho

At the Wheel

Michael Cho-Cho Ceramics