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The Artistry of Michael Cho


My pieces are individually designed and hand-thrown. No two pieces are exactly alike.

Metallic Marvels

Each piece is allowed to dry completely after it's creation, before being sprayed with oxides which produce their background finish of matte metallic black.


Ornamental brush strokes are applied with high-gloss glazes as the last step before firing. Each piece is fired in a kiln at temperatures approaching 2300 degrees.


The materials used in each piece transform in this firing process; the clay becomes stone-like, it's oxide finish acts as a thin shell of metal, coating the piece. The brush-strokes decorating it's surface acquire the properties of glass.

Loving Care

Care for your piece by washing it with dish soap and water; scrub it's surface with any soft to medium bristled brush. Allow it to air dry.

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Michael Cho-Cho Ceramics

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